Ridimensioning Facebook



From today on I will not use Facebook anymore to publish originary content.  I will reopen my blog at johanneskeizer.com, which I stopped in 2013.  I want to be able to  manage my pictures, thoughts and news as I like, I want to maintain control. I don't want to give this control to Facebook.

jkThis is not against Facebook. I will continue to use it. Facebook has this wonderful function that a FB post can gather its content from any HTML source. I will disseminate everything, what I publish on johanneskeizer.com also through FB or other socials that I consider appropriate. But I don't want the socials to take over.

The taking over process by the socials has also stopped technology improvement. Editing tools for CMS are still in a miserable state. Also this needs to change.  I want developers to come up with solutions like  "one click publishing" from "evernote" to "Drupal".  I want blogging forms, that are as userfriendly as Facebook is.  Try a Drupal input form and you know what I mean.

I am not against the Titans, but the future of the web cannot be only Google, Facebook and Amazone !



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